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Full bokeh lighting The term video bokeh is commonly used in the videography and photography community.

Video bokeh creates an image or video that focuses on a single object. where the background of the photo or video appears blurry.

Adding a bokeh effect enhances the appearance of distracting elements in the captured object.
The bokeh technique is usually used to photograph real-world objects such as faces, flowers, and various other objects.

What is a Bokeh Video from the Japanese Museum?

Bokeh is often associated with negative connotations, but it is actually a photographic technique. Bokeh comes from the Japanese boke, meaning “blur” or “fog”, or boke-aji, meaning “blurry quality”.

Understanding Bokeh in Indonesia, Bokeh is spelled BOH-K or BOH-kay or bohay which means it looks good.

In essence, bokeh is a visual effect that requires the use of certain shooting techniques to achieve a soft background blur.

Not all cameras can produce bokeh photos; You have to use certain lenses and change camera settings to make the back light appear blurry.

A good new bokeh video effect is determined by three factors, which are as follows:

• Distance between object and background.
• Aperture (depends on lens),

• Capture your focus area

These three elements are referred to as the exposure triangle or exposure triangle.
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Some applications that can create a bokeh effect in a video are as follows:

1. Following Focus

2. Video by Mago

3. Square Videos

4. Blur Square Video

5.Camera Effects
6. Bokeh Effect Video Maker
7. KineMaster 7


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