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Recently, social media has been widely discussed because there is a viral information and lots of people want to know the information.

Talking about viral, of course, it’s no stranger to hear it, but now there is more viral information that is very popular. Mundia said he was blackmailed while denying the distribution of his extraordinary film.

Mundia, a Zambian woman, has denied posting sexy films of herself on social media and sending them to married men.

Video Mundia Video Zambia

Mundia accused an unknown friend of being behind the leak in a post seen by ZED GOSSIP, claiming that some unidentified people blackmailed and intimidated him if he did not pay for the tapes he accessed.

Mundia became a Facebook star in the early hours of Tuesday after her video went viral and garnered tons of likes.

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The video that was shared caught my attention and allowed me to clear things up. Initially, I did not work at de capo, and the films that circulated were not sent to married men.

But I recorded it myself while I was still in my room, and when my best friend came over to the house while we were getting ready to leave, she touched my phone and sent the video to hers.

He even deleted it so I couldn’t see it, but after a day, someone contacted me and told me they had gained access to my phone and had obtained the video. They started blackmailing me and asking for money, which I refused and asked them to leave.

If I send a video to any man and his wife sees it, let the wife open and post my exposure, and within 20 hours, I will share screenshots of those people asking for k50,000, and to those who have contacted me, thanks , I’m fine, and the problem has been reported.

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