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Royaltekno.comVideo Malhação Instagram Sérgio Hondjakoff, the ever-present Cabeço de Malhaço, astonished his Instagram fans on Monday night (6) by going live.

Netizens spotted him furious and speaking in a jumbled manner on the video, and he even threatened to kill his father Francisco José de Mendonça with a bat.

He requests his father for a thousand reais in the recording, which has been posted by various internet users, in order to fly to So Paulo. Sérgio becomes enraged and claims that Francisco owes him the value or he will be compelled to kill him.

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I’m requesting a thouand reais, and he wants to put me in a hospital without my choice. Just because I drank a few ‘tequinhos’ and went insane.

I’ll have to kill you if you don’t give me a thousand reais, right? Do you want to give me a thousand reais or do you want me to kill you? He shoots, following Francisco’s refusal, “You are obligated to give me a thousand reais.”

Link Video Malhação Instagram

After the Public Ministry outlawed the rehabilitation center where he was treated, Sérgio admitted to being chemically dependent in August 2021.

Pindamonhangaba was the location, and it housed 46 patients in a private prison. Cabeço’s interpreter’s name was revealed when the list of convicts was presented.

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He even filmed a video for social media disputing the information at the time, but he eventually revealed his problem with alcohol and drug addiction a few days later.

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